B&L Solutions B.V. provides the following services:

  • Global humanitarian solutions
    "B&L Solutions B.V. is specialized and dedicated to provide broad and long term humanitarian solutions, concerning amongst others sanitation, medical solutions, housing solutions and transportation solutions."

  • Project consultancy and management
    "B&L Solutions B.V. is also able to perform the consultancy and management services, when the customer demands that B&L Solutions B.V. has to be the head contractor. Of course are these services also available for separate project requests and assignments."

  • Global project mediation
    "B&L Solutions B.V. provides reliable project negotiation and mediation services, for several sectors throughout the world. B&L Solutions B.V. has proven to be a reliable partner in several negotiations and mediations."

  • Project training and maintenance
    "In order create an all-in turnkey project, B&L Solutions B.V. has the availability to train the involved staff and maintain the installations constructed for the project. These after-care services are, depending on the project, on request."

  • Global healthcare development
    "To improve healthcare circumstances, the foundation should be laid first. This is where B&L Solutions B.V. is specialized in. B&L Solutions B.V. has the capability to improve healthcare circumstances with the .bottom-up. strategy. This means that B&L Solutions B.V. will start with the foundation: proper healthcare facilities."

“Halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation.”

(Millenium Development Goal 7, WHO)

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