About B&L Solutions B.V.

Who are we?

B&L Solutions B.V. is a young, dynamic and proven company, originally specialized in healthcare projects. However, in order to meet the urgent needs of its customers concerning humanitarian solutions, B&L Solutions B.V. now has the availability over a broad network that consists of reliable partners such as Governments, NGO¡¦s and businesses throughout the world.

Being the 'spider in the web', B&L Solutions B.V. is able to provide broad and long term solutions to its customers, whatever the customers demand will be. Our solutions can be applied for the following purposes and situations:
  • Crisis areas
  • Emerging markets
  • Countries in transition
  • Projects in post-conflict areas
  • Projects in developing countries
  • Peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations
  • Multinational field operations and expatriate care
  • Corporate social responsibility projects
  • Projects concerning hospital extension and medical rehabilitation projects
  • Furnishing of existing or new medical facilities
High standards.

A wide variety of circumstances can cause the immediate need for deployment of high-standard, sustainable medical and sanitation solutions.
These needs could arise in crisis areas during and after conflicts, natural disasters or on a more structural level: in developing countries or countries in transition where proper healthcare facilities and local establishments still in evolution.

A safe place.

In developing the concept for offering humanitarian solutions, inspiration was drawn from the mission statement on medical care and sanitation for war-wounded of the international Committee of the Red Cross:
"The wounded need access to a safe place supplied with water and power where they can receive competent surgical treatment backed up by good nursing care within a well organized system which receives adequate supplies." (Hospitals for War Wounded, ICRC, 1998)

A suitable solution for everyone.

Due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the comprehensive concept developed and implemented by B&L Solutions B.V. is the most suitable alternative for a wide variety of different sectors and institutions worldwide, including:
  • Non-governmental international relief organizations
  • National healthcare and Government institutions
  • Peacekeeping forces and other forces serving abroad
  • Private specialized clinics
  • Multinational corporations providing medical care for expatriates and local staff
Corporate social responsibility

Multinational corporations form a special category of beneficiaries. They increasingly contribute to community services in the countries in which they operate. In particular the growing global awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility standards plays a pivotal part in this development.
Medical care and sanitation is one of the main fields in which contributions materialize. B&L Solutions B.V. offers swift, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

A unique partnership.

B&L Solutions B.V. is aware of the problems in the world and therefore it is willing to offer broad and long term solutions, on a short term base. B&L Solutions B.V. therefore guarantees all of its customers that their projects will be carried out as comprehensive as possible, by working following a flexible, yet structured, comprehensive project schedule.
This flexible, clear and structured way of working, together with the clear communication, gives the customer the opportunity to stay informed about every aspect concerning the project and, when necessary, to intervene and discuss the project steps. This contributes to the close relationship with the customer. After all, B&L Solutions B.V. aims to have a close relationship which strengthens best of both: the project initiator and a dedicated project executor.
In the end this will result in a successful project, with a satisfied customer and, most important, happy end-users.

“The quality of essential surgical care is frequently constrained by inadequate basic equipment to perform simple but vital interventions.”

(WHO Global Initiative for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care)

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