B&L Solutions B.V.

"B&L Solutions B.V. - We care for people, we offer broad and long term solutions - is a multidisciplinary humanitarian solutions provider. We aim at providing broad and long term solutions for use under wide ranging circumstances and conditions. Any place, any time, in no time"

B&L Solutions B.V. provides the following services:
  • Global humanitarian solutions
  • Project consultancy and management
  • Global project mediation
  • Project training and maintenance
  • Global healthcare development

B&L Solutions B.V. provides these services for the following institutions:
  • Private companies
  • Governments and Governmental Organizations
  • Multinational corporations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

B&L Solutions B.V. provides these services in the following situations:
  • Countries in transition and emerging markets
  • Post conflict area¡¦s and crisis areas
  • Peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations

Besides a full-fledged service provider, B&L Solutions B.V. is also a supplier of the following products, contributing to the global humanitarian solutions sector:
  • Norit Waterfront Series
  • Lubberts Surgical Instrument Sets
  • Turnkey hospitals and clinics

“The district hospital is part of a wider community of people and agencies, all of whom are working to improve the health of individuals, communities and society.”

(World Health Organization)

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