B&L Solutions B.V.

"B&L Solutions B.V. - We care for people, we offer broad and long term solutions - is a multidisciplinary humanitarian solutions provider. We aim at providing broad and long term solutions for use under wide ranging circumstances and conditions. Any place, any time, in no time"

B&L Solutions B.V. provides the following services:
  • Global humanitarian solutions
  • Project consultancy and management
  • Global project mediation
  • Project training and maintenance
  • Global healthcare development

B&L Solutions B.V. provides these services for the following institutions:
  • Private companies
  • Governments and Governmental Organizations
  • Multinational corporations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

B&L Solutions B.V. provides these services in the following situations:
  • Countries in transition and emerging markets
  • Post conflict area¡¦s and crisis areas
  • Peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations

Besides a full-fledged service provider, B&L Solutions B.V. is also a supplier of the following products, contributing to the global humanitarian solutions sector:
  • Norit Waterfront Series
  • Lubberts Surgical Instrument Sets
  • Turnkey hospitals and clinics

“The quality of essential surgical care is frequently constrained by inadequate basic equipment to perform simple but vital interventions.”

(WHO Global Initiative for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care)

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